Akss Earrings in Neon Yellow
Akss Earrings in Neon Yellow
Akss Earrings in Neon Yellow

Akss Earrings in Neon Yellow


Akss عکس /ʻaks/ is the Urdu word meaning reflection and/or shadow. 

Much like its meaning the entire collection represents forms exhibiting and reflecting the inner geometries. 

LIMITED EDITION in limited quantities

- A perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentines Day, Christmas Gift or a Birthday present.

- Comes in a premium quality velvet pouch.

- The pairs comes with hypoallergenic nickel-free ear wires/posts.

- Representing elegance, the inner geometry is 3D printed using a high-tech laser in coloured resins and then immersed in UV resin using transparent moulds to achieve the desired outer form.

- The earrings are light weight and durable with modern and futuristic design based on a mathematical algorithm.

- The earrings are part of StudioXplor's limited edition Mother's Day special collection.

- It is high quality, durable, and skin safe!

NOTE: Even though these earrings are printed in resin (which by itself is brittle), they are dipped inside UV resin which gives it a super durable strength to withhold any pressures, while still keeping them lightweight.