About Us

Founded by Naghmi Shireen and Raza Jaffery in their basement garage in 2021. StudioXplor is realized with the hope that our designs and products enable our customers to disrupt, express, and flow with human [their] experiences. We are diligently working to bring customization and the power of generative modeling and additive manufacturing technology to our customers so that each piece co-created and co-developed with them, is a reflection of their personality and their unique statement to the world.




Naghmi Shireen is a researcher, designer, lecturer, and mom to two lovely girls. She completed her Ph.D. in computational design from the School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) at SFU in 2020. She has studied and taught architecture previously at her alma mater. She is the founder and co-founder of various startups and has previously been involved in a fashion-tech industry. She teaches design and business courses at SFU. It is her firm belief that designs should be developed to enhance and elevate the human experience.


Raza Jaffery has extensive experience in construction, architecture, and project management domains. He has his master's in project management from UBC and undergrads in architecture. He is interested in cutting-edge creative and manufacturing technologies to develop elegant, robust, and sustainable products.