Choosing the right technology at the right time!

Choosing the right technology at the right time!

At StudioXplor, we work very hard to ensure that all our products are made with diligent care, obsessive quality control, and an inherent understanding of our customer’s needs. We want all our products to provide uniqueness with the same affordability as our conventional counterparts.

Here is a snapshot of what we do at StudioXplor. 

Concept Design


Most of our designs are conceptualized through a series of sketches, generative algorithms, and computer models. Generally we start the ideation process by deciding on an algorithm we wish to choose to explore. This generally leads to 10s to 100s of variations of geometries possible using that algorithm.



To test our ideas and to understand our designs in a deeper level, we utilize rapid prototyping methods and technologies (3D printing). This helps us to create and test the physicality and tactically of our designs to ensure product quality and robustness. Most of this process happens in our studio using inexpensive and often eco-friendly materials with limited wastage.

Quality Assurance

Each item that leaves our studio is manually inspected and cleaned to ensure our customers receive only the best product. Depending on the product, roughly it takes almost 20-30 man-hours of labor (quality assurance, cleaning, polishing, and coating) before shipping it to our valuable customers.

Local Collaborations

All our precious material jewelry and wearables are produced through close collaboration with local community experts and craftsmen. We value and promote collaborations and partnering with local businesses and experts within the community as much as possible.

Precious Metal Casting

Our precious metal jewelry is made by casting the lost wax 3D models made using our in-house 3D printers. After casted, these metal pieces are then tumbled and polished to the highest standards and are later coated and plated to maintain their elegance.

Interlocking Geometries

Our complicated interlocking geometries, that cannot be casted otherwise, are manufactured using the world class MJF (Multi-Jet Fusion) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technologies in Nylon. These products are then cured and polished with UV coacting that is skin-safe and food-safe.